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[Air Date: August 24, 2013]


November 2016

“The measure of the greatness of a society is found in the way it treats those most in need, those who have nothing apart from their poverty.” Pope Francis

Dear Friends,

Our five week sabbatical is over. We drove 8,432 miles from Rock Hill through parts of 21 states. It was magnificent – there is a lot of country in this country. We saw more corn and sunflowers than we ever imagined existed. 

We have returned to serve our dear friends who have nothing apart from their poverty. Yet each one has a unique story and singular journey.
In July we bid goodbye to the last of our friends who lived in the woods south of Rock Hill. All but three were sent back to family, homes, and jobs. The final three decided they could make it on their own and have set off to parts unknown to us. It was a bittersweet parting, but there was nothing else we could do to help them. 

Pete spent a couple of days wandering around, helping a couple of local people, feeling slightly lost with his new freedom, and then the phone calls began. 

He helped get a car fixed so a woman and her three children could escape an abusive husband and father. 

He met a grandmother who lives in a rundown trailer and cares for five grandchildren. The children’s mother is in jail. Subsisting on her Social Security check, the grandmother was having a hard time feeding these five extra mouths during the summer months when they were not receiving breakfast and lunch at school. She was keeping them inside the trailer because there was so much broken glass in her yard and they had no shoes. A quick trip to the store and five pair of flip-flops plus a hose and sprinkler changed their summer woes to joyful screams. Supplemental food filled their empty bellies.

A man who told us he was a truck driver called. He had been abandoned by his employer in Rock Hill. He was waiting in a motel until his new job started, but he had run out of money. Some food and a few nights of rent and he was back on the road.

Pete has met several women who are raising children by themselves. They live in an area not far from our home. The stories are strangely similar. Their husbands left them. They are alone with the children and do whatever work they can find to make ends meet. Some take in wash. Some clean houses. Others work at low wage jobs. One lady asked for a radio so she could hear the news. Three women needed their old cars fixed so they could get to work. Several asked for drinking water because they are afraid of the brown goo that comes out of their faucets.

Just today Pete delivered a refrigerator to a woman who had requested one. She told Pete part of her story: “My husband lef me ‘n the kids because he was scared. We moved here to git away from the violence at our other house. One night after we’d bin here a few months, a bullet come through our window, hit the refrigerator, and kilt it. My husband said: ‘I’m outta here and he left.’” 

She lives in a small three bedroom house with her four school age children. She had been using four ice chests to keep their food from spoiling.

Sue continues to work at the parish outreach office. There is a client who comes in who has a prosthetic leg. One day he limped in and said: “Miss Sue, my stump hurts.”

After several questions, Sue learned his leg was more than ten years old and the inserts he had were worn to almost nothing. It was apparent that he needed a new leg, but he is on disability and receives only Medicare. After much research and meetings with insurance reps, Sue discovered this man could not get a low cost supplemental policy that would cover the twenty percent not paid for through Medicare. His liability would be $1850.00. There was no way he could afford that. 

When Sue told him that Truck of Love would help him get his leg, he was in tears. He promised to pay what he could, $10.00 each month, because he wanted to try to pay his share.

He walked into the office this week - pain free. He is a new man thanks to your great generosity. 

Your prayers and donations for these people served by Truck of Love are truly a measure of your greatness. 

God Bless You,

Pete and Sue Fullerton







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