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November 2019

“We have great people among us, only we do not know it. They are the poorest of the poor- the unwanted- the uncared for- the rejected- the alcoholics- the crippled- the blind- the sick- the dying- people who have nothing and have nobody.”   Mother Teresa

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your generous donations and constant prayers.

As you may have noticed this is just the second newsletter we have sent this calendar year. We are still doing the work, but the cost of sending mail has skyrocketed. Therefore we want to direct you to our restructured website ( and our Facebook page (Truck of Love Ministries) for more frequent free updates. Our intention going forward is to have two newsletters mailed to you each year.

The daily work of Truck of Love continues. Pete goes down into the valley where he serves single mothers with children. Their lives are dismally poor. Each family lives in a shed behind a house – the largest of the sheds being 16x24 feet. These days Pete is getting lots of tar paper and wet patch to mend leaky roofs before winter. Tarps are in high demand until repairs can be made by the women. Kids are back in school so the mothers are using their extra time to make repairs and to get the kerosene heaters ready for the coming cold days.

In the midst of these preparations Pete became aware that one of the mothers was talking about leaving. Mae had been in contact with her mother in Kentucky who told her that Mae’s abusive husband had been arrested for murder and was sentenced to jail for 10 years without parole. Mae’s mother begged her to return home with her two children.

It’s always a joy to see someone go on to a better life, but it costs a lot to send them on their way. Bus tickets, new (used) clothes, and food for the road add up. In this case Mae had been saving. She had saved $150.00 accumulated from the $10.00 Pete had been giving her each week for laundry. Instead of going to the laundromat, she washed all her family’s clothing by hand and hung it to dry on the bushes surrounding her shed. She was excited to contribute to her trip and she and her two young children are now reunited with parents who had greatly missed them.

There are several more women who want to leave these sheds behind, but we must wait until they have a plan. In the interim they get up each day and work hard to make sure their children have food to eat and clean clothes to wear to school.

Meanwhile, Sue is in the parish Outreach Office two mornings a week. Her special project these days is a man we introduced to you in last Novembers newsletter. Randy was having a hard time providing for his family. He had been injured by falling off a roof he was repairing and we were in the process of applying for Disability for him. He ought not to have been repairing the roof, because his cardiologist had told him not to work. He’d had open heart surgery four years before and suffered from very serious peripheral artery disease as well as COPD. Because of his chaotic living situation he’d missed some filing deadlines for Disability and many doctor appointments. He was the sole provider for his family of five – his wife is a drug addict.

When Sue got involved with him he was having pain in his legs that he attributed to the stents that had been inserted at the time of his heart surgery. Sue took him to the cardiologist for a routine procedure to clean out one leg stent. That resulted in his admission to the hospital for eight days with the circulation in his leg being seriously compromised. He was in jeopardy of losing his foot. The only option he had was surgery to bypass the damaged stent.

Sue accompanied Randy to several doctor appointments where she advocated for him to see the surgeon sooner rather than later and the twelve hour surgery was performed.  When Sue visited Randy after surgery he was too ill for her to tell him that his three children had just been taken away by DSS and placed in foster care, but she did tell him he had just been approved for Disability and his first check would be in the mail.

It’s been six months since his surgery. Truck of Love paid Randy’s back rent and guaranteed six months of rent with his landlady. We felt he needed this time to heal and pay off his old utility bills.

Today he has recovered from the bypass surgery and the circulation in his foot is healthy, but we continue to go to various specialists because of ongoing pain in the foot that has yet to be resolved. He and Sue have gone to the family meetings and court dates set by DSS. His wife is in a recovery program and last week his three children joyfully returned home to his loving embrace.

Randy’s problems are far from over, but during this time he has learned a lot about how to deal with his situation.

The people served by Truck of Love often have nothing, but we cannot say that these great people have nobody. They have you. Your donations, your prayers, and your encouragement make all the difference in their lives.

God bless you,
Pete and Sue


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