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"Old Men Dream" by Pete Fullerton - Truck of Love MinistriesThe book about Pete's journey of homelessness that he worked on for eleven years is out in paperback and available on!

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EXCERPT: Introduction from Old Men Dream
This is a book about dreams. It began in a dream and unfolds as a dream - the dream of a lifetime. It is a mixture of dreams and people - some with names, some without. Each person has powerful and colorful stories. It is a book of events that happened as a result of having said "Yes!" to God. It was God who created in me through the dreams, the desire to walk among the forgotten poor who live on the streets of America. Each time on my journey when I came to a crossroads where I hesitated, I remembered those dreams given to me by God.

For many years I have written down my dreams. Because of a series of five dreams that began in May 1995, I chose to become homeless. We are all dreamers, but few of us ever act on our dreams. I took action on these dreams because I truly felt God speaking to me.

The dreams laid out a plan that I was to follow: I would be homeless for three months, I was to take nothing with me, I would meet my guardian or guardians (this wasn't clear to me), and I would leave on August 14, 1997 from a state other than my own (California being my home). The dreams gave me no other details.

I told my wife, Sue, about the series of dreams. I wanted her opinion. I knew she would have an understanding beyond my own. I don't know what went through Sue's mind when I told her. Did she think I had completely and finally lost it? All I can say with certainty is that she is a beautiful woman who is literally half my physical size. Her inner beauty shines through when she talks and she always speaks the truth. I knew I could trust her voice.

Sue gave me her blessing. She could see that my desire to see these dreams to fruition was in the deepest spot of my soul. Her words to me were simple and to the point: "If this is what you are called to do, then follow your calling."

She told me to "follow my heart" - with a few ammendments. She wanted me to go, but for two months, not three. (She is ever practical and worked out when I could be gone between the needs of our summer programs in Tijuana, Mexico and the summer day camp for the children of the Tohono O'Odham Nataion in Arizona and the beginning of the local needs of the poor during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. That meant that I had a break from late August to late October.) She also told me I was to take $100.00 cash and some food. She said even homeless people have some cash. I've always loved the way Sue handles me with such gentleness. Only she can help me reason with the impulsive side of myself. Her firm but gentle reason prevailed.

Of course I couldn't begin this exploration without the consent of my children - all five of them. Again on Sue's advice, I waited until about six months before I was scheduled to begin my journey before I talked with our children. I approached them one by one. As exprected, they each reacted differently. By this time in our family history they had seen me through many life changes and understood that I was probably going to do this anyway. My grandson, Gregory, who was ten years old at the time, had the most casual response. I took him out to breakfast and broke the news that I would be gone for two months. He didn't say anything until the waitress brought our food and then he asked: "Is that all you're getting, Grandpa?" For him, it was life as usual.

Sue and I have learned that when God talks to us, we do what He asks. This attitude of surrender has come after years of prayer and discernment. We want to make sure it is God asking the questions and making the suggestions. When we attempt to follow God's will we discover many hidden blessings and that has made all the difference in our lives. No matter how hard life may become, we try to keep to the task at hand. Sue and I try to keep a favorite quote from chapter six of The Book of Micah: "You have been told...what is good, and what the Lord requires of you: Only to do what is right, to love goodness and to walk humbly with your God." Thus began my journey as "Old Man."


Some of Pete's Drawings from the book


Comments and Reviews about Old Men Dream

“Old Men Dream”, Pete’s story about his journey of homelessness, has touched so many people in such personal ways we could only imagine before publication. We are grateful to each of you who have written to share the insights you have received from reading this story. Here are some comments and reviews of the book Old Men Dream by Pete Fullerton.

"I want God to be that real in my life again." 

"I just couldn't stop reading. You kept me spell bound , Pete!" ~M.S.  

"Are you sure you have never written a book before?"  ~C.A.

"Yes, each of us does have a different story and yours is remarkable.  Reading about your amazing journey brought tears more than a few times.  I think it's often difficult to sustain the realness of Christ in our lives.  Your conversations with God brought back thoughts of years ago what I could do that and a desire to try more often.  Your unrelenting and ability to make Him personal and real to others is truly a gift."  ~C.B.L.

"I couldn't put your book down.  I was moved to my core as I read.  I experienced your excitement, joy, confusion, pain, sorrow, and conviction as you allowed me to be a part of your amazing journey.  Thank you for the beautiful reminder and example of how God works through, and with us."  ~K.S.


You did such a great job of the telling of the story ;”Old Men Dream”. I have given my copy to a friend who has asked me to please send another for her son. Will you please send five more copies to me just as soon as possible? We loved it and want to tell everyone we know you personally." ~S.R.



I have received numerous requests for copies of the book: "Old Men Dream", and need three more copies for my mother-in-law who will be distributing them to co-workers at the ‘Mercy Center’ in Burlingame." ~A.


"We are working on a donation so you’ll hear from me again soon.  Just finished the book- a thought-provoking, and inspirational work.  Congrats, Pete and Sue." ~D.


"Dear Pete,

I finished reading your walk about, and what a time you had. God was with you all the way. It was very loving of Sue and your family to let you go and walk through the “Old Man” shoes.

Take care, and God bless you



"I just loved your book! I couldn’t get enough of all your wonderful, enlightening experiences. What a trip!! It must have been a trip of a lifetime, and I’m so glad you wrote about it. Please send ten copies so I can share it with friends, family, and co-workers to remind us all to be human to everyone , treat all with respect, and be grateful for all we have and where we live. We are all very blessed!!"  ~K.B.


"When I started reading “Old Men Dream” I found it hard to put down. What an amazing story! It is good to know of the kindness and trust shown by many people toward a stranger. We hear so much about the indifference and cruelty that goes on. I’m glad you survived, Pete."  ~A.A.


"It was amazing to me that you didn’t just quit the first week. I would have! Anytime you came against a situation where you got sick, or were confronted by hostility I would yell at you (to myself of course) and say to you as I read: "Go home you idiot!" True- If you had don’t that the story would have been less gratifying, but at least I would have had to yell at you a lot less – that is to say I would have had to yell at you to myself a lot less than I did."  ~K.B.



I’m so impressed by your book! Aside from regular writer’s envy that A) It’s finished, and B) It’s published, it’s also just a lovely piece of work. Reading it, I truly felt like I was with you on your journey. You did such a good job of capturing the voices of the people you encountered, and your own voice as well. It was such a treat to “hear” your voice on every page! You definitely inspired me to finish my own book, and hope it comes out nearly as inspiring." ~ N.A.




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