Truck of Love Ministries Pete's Drawings of the Woodland People

Many in the Truck of Love community have been following Pete's stories of the woodland people. While we respect their wishes not to be photographed, Pete has created some drawings of them. (They are okay with the drawings being shared.) See Pete's illustrations below.

Meet Jack.
Those of you who know me well enough know I can draw a fair representation of my subject. Since Jack nor anyone in the woods will allow me to photograph them I have made Jack my first subject.
Jack has begun rebuilding bicycles from junk parts to make money to get home someday. Who knows if he'll ever make it, but Jack has a job and thanks to y'all has enough money to get working parts to make complete bicycles.

Cinimine lives in the woods and to make money has been cleaning windows in town to make enough money to get home someday. She is just one of many whose lives you touch with your donations.

Truck of Love Ministries - Rock Hill, South Carolina - helping those who fall through the cracks of society

Laundry is done. Fire is warm. We’re all full. What more can we ask for. “Thanks, Reverend Pete."
My thanks go to all my donors. Thanks to you!

Etta couldn't wait to show off her new three wheeler to everyone in the tribe, so she promptly fell asleep.

Dearest Friends of Truck of Love,
The imaginary Christmas portrait you see here is to show the fun to be had in loving one another. Love is a struggle – deliberately applied resistance – to lethargy, and depression. Sue and I make this love come to life each and every day. We pray for you and for your loved ones to make this struggle part of your everyday lives too. May the joy of the Christmas Holidays spark your hearts and enkindle your spirits. Love, Pete and Sue

Derik and Donny are four year old twins who live with their mom and dad in the woods. To them they have spent a lifetime waiting to be with the rest of their family in South Dakota. Now, thanks to your gifts of love the difficult life they have been living is in their rear view mirror. They and their parents are on their way to Thanksgiving dinner, and out of the woods. (November 20, 2012)

I got such a kick out of watching Jack and his son Corey drowning worms without a hope of catching any fish I decided to draw a picture of them.

Mearle has a toothache. I've taken him to the dentist, so he's taken care of. A day in the woods will cure anyone.

Yes, this is River.






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